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Google Ads Management Expert Help


As many of you know, “Google Adwords Management” is Google’s Pay Per Click advertising service and “Google Adwords Optimization” is the quickest and most cost-effective way to get your website noticed NOW and start driving targeted traffic to your website. Managed properly, a “Google Adwords Campaign” can instantly get your site on the crucial “First Page of Search Results” for keywords and phrases that your target audience uses to find your goods and services online. Very few web users look beyond the “First Page of Search Engines” results and if your site isn’t featured prominently on the top half of the “Google First Page”, your site is not getting noticed!
“Google Adwords Experts” levels the playing field like no other form of Internet marketing and allows businesses of all sizes to out-compete the Fortune 500 companies. To illustrate this point, consider your own search habits. When you’re looking for goods and services, you’re much more likely to click on the first several links on the “Google First Page” as they have the best chance of providing the information that you want. That’s instant credibility with you and if your site appears there, that’s instant credibility with the very people that you are trying to reach online!
“Google Adwords” listings appear just above and to the right of the natural search engine results. Placement is determined by a number of factors including how much you are willing to pay for each time that someone clicks on your ad when specific keyword phrases are entered into the search field.
Highest Page Position = Most Page Impressions = Higher Volume of Targeted Traffic to Your Site = Fantastic Return on your Investment!
However, “Google Adwords Management” that achieves the best results and maximizes your return on investment requires a great deal more finesse than simply outbidding every other competitor. There’s a science to the process and it is critically important that your “Adwords Campaign Optimization” is managed by a specialist so that you achieve the greatest exposure and benefit for your investment.
Dr. Julian has been a “Google Adwords Consultant” for years and his lengthy list of satisfied clients is the best example of his expertise, research skills, and “Adwords Campaign Management” acumen. His experience helping a wide range of clients achieve online success can be the catalyst for your own online success story and you owe it to yourself and your bottom line to have Dr. Julian craft a “Google Adwords Optimization” campaign strategy for you!
  • Thoroughly Research your Industry and Competition
  • Identify the Keywords and Phrases that will Deliver the Best Results
  • Find Overlooked Niche Opportunities that will Save Money
  • Analyze and Forecast Trends in the Marketplace
  • Provide Reports that Track the Progress of your Campaign
  • Expertly Manage your Google Adwords Campaign so you can Focus on the Things that have Made You Successful!
You determine how much you want to spend and Dr. Julian takes care of the rest! Have an Adwords specialist monitor your Google Adwords Pay Per Click campaign and see tangible results NOW! No set-up fees, no click fraud, no PPC management on your part, and guaranteed results!
“Google Adwords Ads” 
Optimization Management
“Google Adwords Advertising” links are a great way to get your site noticed online and can make a huge difference in merely having a website and having a website that generates sales and makes an impact with the people looking for your goods and services! Also known as Pay Per Click advertising, sponsored links have the power to get your website noticed NOW and give you an edge on your competition. “Google Adwords Ads” links are the ads that appear along side the search results on the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and MSN.
Whether you have a new website or an established site, sponsored links optimization is the most cost-effective way to get noticed by your target audience. The vast majority of web users never look past the first page of test results and if your site isn’t on the first page for relevant keywords and phrases that best describe your goods and services, your site is not achieving its marketing potential for your company!
You’ve probably heard about Pay Per Click advertising but thought that it would be too expensive and not provide a worthy return on your investment but if managed properly, your sponsored link optimization campaign can be the most cost-effective marketing of all. To achieve the maximum impact and benefit from your “Adwords Ads” links optimization campaign, it is essential to have it managed by an expert with years of experience helping a wide range of clients meet and exceed their goals.
Call 1-877-737-7427 Today and See the Dramatic Impact that Professional “Adwords Advertising Optimization” can have on Your Website!
For years, Dr. Julian’s expertise in sponsored link management has allowed him to create his own field and become the preeminent expert in Sponsored Link Optimization.
What is Google Adwords Ads Link Optimization?
Google Adwords Ads Optimization is the analytical process of identifying the keywords and phrases that will provide the best results for your company, crafting the ad content so that it appeals to your target audience, guaranteeing first page placement with Google and other major search engines, and making at all happen with a minimum of investment.
Dr. Julian accomplishes this by:
  • Consulting with you to determine your needs, your budget, and your goals
  • Reseswang your industry and competition
  • Identifying keywords and phrases which will achieve the best results
  • Discovering niche opportunities that will maximize your investment
  • Crafting professionally optimized ad content
  • Providing real-time reports to chart the progress of the campaign
  • Expertly managing your sponsored link campaign so that it exceeds your expectations
  • Identifying trends in the marketplace so that your site is poised to take full advantage of future developments
You determine how much you would like to invest and Dr. Julian’s experience and savvy deliver the results that you need to take your business to the next level! Don’t settle for sponsored link management from firms that aren’t specialists in the field, have Dr. Julian manage your sponsored link campaign so you can focus on the things that have made you successful!
Harness the marketing power of Sponsored Link Optimization and get guaranteed first page placement on Google in minutes!
Call “Google Adword Ads Optimization Expert” Dr. Julian today at 1-877-737-7427 and have him craft an “Adwords Ads Optimzation” campaign for your website that will transform your website into an income generating force for your company! Let his expertise be the catalyst to your Internet success now and for the future!
“Adwords Ads” links can get your website noticed and start generating revenue for your company faster than any other form of Internet marketing. “Adwords Ads” links are effective because they appear only when selected keywords and phrases that are relevant to your goods and services are used. They are the links that appear above and to the right of natural search engine results and while Web users know that those ads are charged a fee for the placement, if it helps them quickly find what they are looking for, then everyone wins.
But it’s important to note that achieving effective results from sponsor links is not simply a matter of out-bidding your competitors for top positions on the search results page.
There are several other factors that determine top Adwords Ads link placement such as:
  • The content of the Adwords Ads link
  • The content of the landing page that the Adwords Ads link points to
  • Ad copy that is optimized so that your target audience is inspired to take action
  • Niche placement opportunities that your competition has overlooked
These factors and many others must be considered if your site is to gain the maximum benefit from any Adwords Ads link campaign and if you want to take advantage of this very cost-effective Internet marketing strategy, it is definitely in your best interest to have your sponsor link campaign conceived and managed by an expert in the field.
“Adwords Ads Link Expert” Dr. Julian
For many years, sponsor link specialist Dr. Julian has been focusing on Adwords Ads links to get results for his clients and his reputation for excellence and achieving tangible results with sponsor link optimization can be the keys for your successful campaign. Rather than coast on his reputation, Dr. Julian approaches each new project with a fresh perspective.
Call “Adwords Ads Specialist” Dr. Julian today at 1- 877-737-7427 and let his expertise be the catalyst for your online success!
This fresh perspective allows him uncommon insight into the intricacies of maximizing the effectiveness of your investment in sponsor link optimization and his long and varied list of satisfied clients is the best testament to his skills and dedication to his craft. Call Dr. Julian today at 1- 877-737-7427 and for a modest investment, his savvy and attention to detail will produce the effective sponsor link campaign that your site needs to get noticed by your target audience and deliver results!

“Google Adwords Advertising” Links

“Google Adwords Advertising”  links are a very cost-effective way to drive targeted traffic to your site and get your site noticed immediately by the very people that you want to reach! Your customers are on the Web right now looking for your goods and services and if they cannot easily find your site, the most powerful marketing tool that you have becomes an afterthought. What makes Google sponsored links work so well and deliver results is that they appear just above and to the right of natural search results when people are looking for goods and services online.
Even though they appear under a heading called ‘sponsored links’ and people know that they are paid advertisements, “Google Adwords Advertising” links are able to out-perform other forms of marketing because they allow Web users to find what they are looking for quickly and easily. That’sthe power of the Internet and that’s why people increasingly hop online first when they are making purchasing decisions.
Call “Google Adwords Advertising Consultant” Dr. Julian today at 1-877-737-7427 appear on the first page of Google search results in minutes!
But if you want to maximize your return on investment with Google sponsored results, it’s critically important to have your sponsored links campaign conceived and managed by a specialist with years of experience helping a wide range of clients achieve their goals. For years, Dr. Julian has focused primarily on sponsored link optimization and that has allowed him to become the most recognized specialist in his field.
“Effective Google Adwords Ads” Link Optimization
Success with “Google Adwords Advertising” links is not merely a matter of outbidding your competition for the best placement. In order to achieve the best results, there are other factors that must be taken into consideration such as:
  • Ad content that is professionally crafted to appeal to your target audience
  • Ad copy that inspires viewers to take action by clicking on YOUR link
  • Identification of niche opportunities that give you an edge on your competition
  • Research of your industry and competition
  • Maximizing the effectiveness of each advertising dollar so that you get the most benefit from your investment
These aspects and many more are the vitally important facets of “Google Adwords Advertising” link optimization that Dr. Julian brings to the table for every sponsored link project that he manages. Although he applies the same expertise and principles to every project, each campaign is fully customized and tailored to the individual client’s needs and his long list of satisfied customers is the best example of his experience and attention to detail.
If your ad isn’t on the first page of Google “Google Adwords Advertising” link results, you’re wasting your money. Call “Google Adwords Advertising Specialist” Dr. Julian today at 1-877-737-7427 and get on the first page of Google results in minutes! Let Dr. Julian be the catalyst for your online success!
“Adwords Ads Results” are paid advertisement listings provided by the Yahoo! Search engine to provide enhanced exposure to websites that want to achieve optimum placement so their target audience can find them easily. Since Yahoo! is the second most popular search engine on the Internet, the impact that effective management of a “Adwords Ads Campaign” results can be the difference between having a website and having a website that drives sales through increased visibility. Whether you have a brand new website that you want to get noticed by your target audience immediately or an established site that’s underperforming, “Google Adwords Advertising Results” is the most cost-effective Internet marketing strategy for online success.
Call 1-877-737-7427 today and see the difference that a “Google Adwords Ads Specialist” Results can make on your bottom line!
But in order to realize the maximum benefit from a “Adwords Ads Campaign” results, it is essential that it is conceived, crafted, and managed by a recognized specialist with years of experience helping a wide range of businesses achieve success with “Adwords Ads Campaign” results. Otherwise, your investment will not achieve the return that you deserve on your investment.
Dr. Julian has built his enviable reputation as the preeminent “Adwords Ads Campaign” results expert one satisfied client at a time and his expertise and attention to detail maximize the effectiveness of each client’s investment. While he applies a proven template of success to each “Adwords Ads Campaign” that he manages, he takes painstaking care to tailor each campaign to the specific needs and objectives of the client. This approach includes:
  • An interview with the client to discover the scope and objectives of the “Adwords Ads Campaign” 
  • Exhaustive preparation and research into the client’s industry and competition
  • The crafting of a campaign engineered to achieve the maximum benefit from the investment
  • Obtaining approval from the client before the campaign is launched to ensure that it meets with their approval
  • Implementation of the “Adwords Ads Campaign” Results campaign and careful monitoring of the progress
  • A follow-up review of the campaign with the client including a report that tracks the success of the project
Call “Adwords Ads Expert” Dr. Julian today at 1-877-737-7427 and let his experience and attention to detail be the catalyst for online success for your company’s website! While there are many Internet marketing firms that offer “Adwords Ads Management”, very few focus solely on this marketing strategy and that’s the difference that he brings to each project. His long list of satisfied clients from a wide range of different industries is the best example of his work ethic and dedication. Call him today at 1-877-737-7427and have him write your own online success story with an effective “Adwords Ads Campaign” results!
“Adwords Ads Campaign” results are the paid advertisement links that appear just above and to the right of natural search results when Web users perform a search. What makes sponsored results such an attractive and cost-effective form of marketing is that they allow viewers to quickly find what they are looking for online. It’s as simple as that. Your target audience is on the Internet right now looking for your goods and services and websites that are easier to find are rewarded with increased traffic which leads to more page impressions which inevitably leads to higher website performance and revenue for your business! Adwords Ads“Adwords Ads Campaign” results get results because they make it easier for the people that want to find your website to find it!
However, there’s a huge difference between investing money in “Adwords Ads”results and hoping for a positive return on your investment and actually achieving tangible, quantifiable results that make an impact on your bottom line. That crucial difference is having your “Adwords Ads Campaign” results conceived and managed by an expert with many years of experience helping a wide range of businesses achieve online success through effective “Adwords Ads Management”.


Consider your own Internet search habits. You want to find what you’re looking for as quickly and easily as possible and rarely do you look beyond the first page of search results. It doesn’t matter how well a site is built or how much money was invested in its creation, if it doesn’t appear on the first page of search results, 90% of Web users will never find it. You already know how competitive your market is and if you want your site to stand out from the competition and become a dynamic, revenue-generating force for your company, “Adwords Ads” results are the best way to get it!

How Expert Dr. Julian Employs “Adwords Ads” to get Results

There’s a science to achieving consistently positive returns on an investment in Adwords Ads and Dr. Julian is the undisputed master in the field. He earned this reputation one satisfied client at a time and while he follows a template for success for each project, he painstakingly tailors his formula for success to the specific needs of each client. His approach includes:
1.    A consultation with the client to discover their needs, goals, and the scope of the project
2.    Exhaustive research on the client’s industry and competition
3.    Identification of which keywords and phrases will achieve the best results
4.    The discovery of overlooked “Adwords Advertising” opportunities that can be capitalized on
5.    Composing ad copy which will appeal to the target audience
6.    Final review with the client to ensure that everything meets with their approval
7.    Implementation and superb management of the “Adwords Ads Campaign” results to maximize the return on investment
8.    Review of a “Adwords Ads Campaign” results report with the client to track the success of the project and identify trends in the marketplace
Call “Google Adwords Ads Expert” results Dr. Julian today at 1-877-737-7427 find out how his expertise can get your website on the first page of search results in minutes! He has helped hundreds of clients achieve online success with “Adwords Ads” results and his sage guidance for your “Adwords Ads Campaign” is one phone call away!
​Sponsored Links Optimization:
“Adwords Optimization”​
In Real Estate 3 most important things are:
Location, Location, Location …Right?
In Google 3 most important things are:
 Sponsored Link Optimization: “SLO”
“SLO” Gets The Best Deal ,,VS.,, “PPC” Gets The Average To Low Deal
1. Google Success is time dependent it does not happen overnight so “SLO” is a 90 day Program.
2. First Month is your worst month because of the “lack of history” for the new account we started.
3. First 10 days are crucial because of “SURGE” implementation of SLO and requires 2 to 3 X more spending.
4. A 60 day upfront will insure the best results by implementing the 10 day SURGE and then back to normal.
5. As time passes results get better by 180 days, the account will be fully optimized.
6. SLO gets the best deal possible according to your overall budget- This is not PPC management.  
 ​    ​

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/nonrefundable SLO campaign/
I Work Based On Honesty & Trust – We Become Partners So Your Success Guarantees My Success. All campaign pricing is based on “Ok” or better “​Quality S​core“​determined after the campaign starts. The quality score is determined by google effecting your campaign. If your quality score goes down, the campaign parameters will vary from the initial prices causing prices to go up (please note these changes).
SLO contracts are NON-REFUNDABLE.
 By paying the SLO Fee client agrees to all terms of the contract and acknowledges that once the campaign starts it may not be canceled for any reason until the fulfillment of all contract terms, keywords however may be exchanged any time or as many times as requested, there will be no extra charge. 
Advertising Campaign Policy 
SLO contracts are NON REFUNDABLE, Prepayment of contract is required for service activation or any arrangement that was agreed by the client at the time of the said agreement. 
Monthly/Biweekly/Weekly Contract Terms:
Minimum Contract $12 per day or $1000 per 90 days​
Minimum Payment required for activation $700
Payments are Due 5 Days Prior to the End Date. If Payment is not Received On time the Campaign Stops 5 Days Before The Final Date (because I finish your money in the first 25 days so the last 5 days is my commission). In order to Prevent Interruption of Traffic to your Site Please Make Your Credit Card Payment 5 Days and Check Payment 10 Days Prior to The Final Date. A 30 Day Notice is Required On ALL Contracts; however, as long as no one will respect this rule thus the 5 day will serve as a safety mechanism to insure that if proper notice is not given using this method, you will not owe me because you did not notify me.
It serves to protect both of us. Think of it as a thermostat for the payments.

PLEASE READ THIS LETTERS for your information:
Hello Dr. Julian,
It was a pleasure speaking with you earlier today. Per our conversation, I wanted to summarize our discussion about why you may see a discrepancy between your ad’s ranking on Google search results and on the Ad Preview Tool. I also wanted to reiterate that our Ad Preview is the most accurate way to see where your ads will appear and explain why this is the case.
As I mentioned in our previous conversation, the AdWords ranking system is designed to reward relevance, and is consistently updated to reflect an ad’s position. Having said this, the Ad Preview Tool is the most reliable way for you to see if and where your ad appears on the search results. Our auction-based system works best when advertisers know the ranking and performance of their ads and can bid appropriately. There is no incentive for us to mislead you about your ad’s position or whether it is appearing.
While your ad may not appear when you search repeatedly for your keywords on Google.com, I would like to assure you that the Ad Preview Tool is the best and most accurate way to see your ad and its position.
The reason why you may see a discrepancy when you search for your ad on Google.com and when you search using the Ad Preview Tool is due to the way that our system responds to a search. Google responds to each search uniquely, so if you search for your ad multiple times on Google, our system might adapt the results in order to better relate to your needs.
Therefore, the position of your ad is likely to change. As you also noticed, when you performed a Google search using the keyword ‘persian american’ multiple times, your ad stopped appearing on the search results. This is also based on our system’s response to your search, which is why we encourage you to use the Ad Preview Tool.
I realize that you also found a discrepancy between the Ad Preview Tool and Google search results when your clients’ ads were targeted to a specific location, and wanted to address these concerns as well. Whilethis is not an issue that we discussed extensively because it does not affect your ‘PersianPac’ campaign, I would like to explain that your ad’s position varies with the user’s language and location settings and howother ads compete in these areas. The Ad Preview Tool allows you to see your ad’s position based on the specific location and language that you select, which may differ from your location when you search for your ad on Google.com. Therefore, depending on the language and location that you select when using the Ad Preview Tool, the position of your ad that you see on Google is likely to be higher or lower than the Ad Preview Tool results.
The Ad Preview Tool has been designed to give you an accurate idea of how your ad appears to most users so you can make a more informed advertisingdecision. I would also like to note that by repeatedly seswang for your keyword on Google.com, you will be lowering your performance statistics, specifically your click-through rate (CTR), which will affect your ad’s performance over time. Using the ad preview page will allow you to accurately view where your ads will appear without affecting your statistics.
I understand that it can be confusing to see a discrepancy between the Google search results and the Ad Preview Tool, for you and your clients. Please feel free to reply to this email if you need any furtherclarification on any of the points that I have clarified. Thank you for taking the time to speak with me about your concerns. I hope that you have a good evening.
Stephanie C.
The Google AdWords Team.
ADS. May Go Down For Other Reasons
Hello Julian,
Thank you for your email. I understand that you would like to know why your ads are not running on our network.
I’ve reviewed  your account and confirmed that your ad is running on
Your ads weren’t running because your account was under review. If you continue to have difficulty viewing your ad, please reply to this message with the keywords you are using to search for your ad. I will then be happy to research the problem further.
We apologize for the disruption to your ad delivery.
We look forward to providing you and your clients with the most effective advertising available.
The Google AdWords Team

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